Created in 2002, Andrea Crews is a fashion, art and activist collective developed by Maroussia Rebecq. Rebecq created the fictional name Andrea Crews under which a “crew” of stylists, artists, performers, musicians and other accomplices create projects that turn fashion into art and art into fashion.

Described as “an avant-garde movement based on a sustainable aesthetic, communicating creative ideas via ethical means”, Andrea Crews is said to be the antithesis of chic Parisian fashion.

The crew hunts and selects recycled and unwanted clothing, which they then reinterpret, and experiment to create “fresh, sexy, unisex, colourful, graphic, funky” designs for art performance pieces or Paris Fashion Week. Andrea Crews has created performance pieces and flash videos held in public spaces and galleries, such as “Burning Vogue” (2010), a performance piece where a mass of Vogue magazines are piled high and lit on fire while an assortment of garment clad people circle and chant around the bonfire of fashion pages. The work described by Rebecq was politically charged, as she claims Andrea Crews usually does not take a position regarding the fashion world until “Burning Vogue”. She states, “We burned the great empire, in a kind of auto-da-fé. We burned the idols.”

Andrea Crews is now noted as one of the most eccentric and exciting shows to watch during Paris Fashion Week. The crew has also done collaborations with Nike, customizing Nike Dunk High Tops shoes with vintage laces as well as other projects with brands such as Lacoste. Rebecq proclaims Andrea Crews as “an anarchist, an eccentric, a do-it-yourself artist” in terms of marketing the designs in the fashion industry. The unique pieces are made in the Paris studio and sold in as little as 30 stores internationally including Colette Paris and Oak NYC.


Article by Daria McWilliams for XXXX Magazine

Coverage & Photos by XXXX Magazine 

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