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Wednesday, November 28, 2018
Spring Studios, 50 Varick St, NYC
6:30 PM Silent Auction | 8:00 PM Live Auction

ARTWALK NY brings together hundreds of artists, art-lovers and other compassionate New Yorkers to celebrate the role of “artist-as-activist” and raise awareness about the issues of homelessness, poverty, and social justice. Sponsored by MaxMara, the event will have art and philanthropic honorees as well as a special guest appearance by Debi Mazar, who we recently caught up with for an exclusive interview. For its 24th edition, ARTWALK NY will feature Artist Honorees Marina Adams and Stanley Whitney and Philanthropic Honoree Suzanne Siano.

Debi Mazar – Photography by Tina Turnbow for The Untitled Magazine.

Artist honoree Marina Adams fluently pushes color into form, creating undulating, interlocking shapes that reveal a powerful internal rhythm beneath their surface simplicity. Adams’ vibrant compositions use saturated shades and sensual shapes to pack a graphic punch. Stanley Whitney, the second art honoreehas been exploring the possibilities of color since the mid-1970s. His recent paintings take the form of saturated fields of color that are delineated in three to five horizontal bands and fill a square canvas. Whitney’s multicolored works exhibit a masterful pictorial balance with an underlying tension; conflict and resolution between colors and forms simmer within each painting.

 Mr Brainwash

The vibrant live and silent auctions contain more than 100 works of art by established artists such as Jenny Holzer, Ai Wei Wei, Alex Katz, Keith Haring, and The Untitled Space‘s Indira Cesarine.

Last year, the event raised an astonishing $850,000 for The Coalition for the Homeless, which provides emergency food and clothing, eviction prevention, crisis services, permanent housing, job training and special programs for kids to over 3,500 New Yorkers each day.


Shepard Fairey
Will Cotton
Keith Haring
Indira Cesarine, “Pandora’s Box (Violet)” 2018, Consent Series” Neon Sculpture
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