Jack Antonoff, lead guitarist from fun. has proven himself to be more than just a guitarist as his new band Bleachers released their debut album Strange Desire on July 15th. The band was kept a secret for well over a year and, thankfully, came out of the darkness just in time to release an album full of fantastic songs for the summer. Listening to the opening track, “Wild Heart”, sets the tone for the rest of the album which displays itself as the kind of music that used to fill up mixtapes in the 80s or, as the band put it, the soundtrack to a John Hughes movie. The upbeat sound is an instant mood changer, while the lyrics both break your heart and then fill it back up again. On the band, Antonoff says, “I spent the past year working on the music but not talking about it, and eventually it became this psychotic alter-ego situation, where it was second nature to have this part of me that no one knew about. Except for a small group of people, most of which happened to be members of my immediate family, no one was aware that this music, or this album even existed … even though it existed so deeply to me.” The album includes a song featuring Yoko Ono, as well as lyrics that (we assume) were written for Antonoff’s girlfriend Lena Dunham – lyrics that will make your heart swell.

Click here to purchase the album, and make sure to visit TicketMaster to get your tickets to see Bleachers on tour!


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