Britney Spears has been regarded as the eternal pop princess of the late 90s. Paradoxically lengthened to even the last decade in the half for devoted fans. With the continual flow of new vocalists inceasingly primed to fill the slot – Spears just might have a fighting chance against the new breed of music enthusiasts. ‘Perfume’, the star’s newest single, complete with melodic strings and bubbling synths, compensates as an emotional departure compared to her last up-tempo robotic single ‘Work B*tch’. Emphasizing a more magniloquent tune, Spears shows that old Britney may still exist – reminiscent of ‘Sometimes’ or ‘Born to Make You Happy’.

Spears even wrote a handheld letter to her fans, stating her gratitude towards their steadfast love. The single does bring forth a sense of vulnerability, we haven’t heard from old Britney in a while. Oozing a romantic lament and with lyrics “And I try to act natural. Have you been thinking ‘bout her of about me?” leaving her series of auto-tuned tracks in the past behind. This straight ballad was written by Sia with a down-tempo vibe and produced by Will.I.Am. Britney Jean, her eighth studio album, is due out December 3rd.

It is not surprising she titled her latest single “Perfume”, considering the pop princess has had more than 10 signature fragrances. Check out her scents Fantasy, Midnight Fantasy, Curious, Believe, Hidden, Radiance, Circus, In Control, Curious Heart and Cosmic!


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