Zendaya (Styled by Law Roach), Margot Robbie (Styled by Kate Young), and Doja Cat (Styled by Brett Alan Nelson).

When we think of celebrity life, a common assumption is that all celebrities are stylish due to the variety of clothes and fashion professionals that are at their disposal. Though this may be true, not all stylist-celebrity combos run smoothly and produce ground-breaking looks. While there are partnerships that elevate the celebrity’s style and their fashion icon status, there are other combos that leave fans confused and fashion connoisseurs outraged.

Zendaya and Law Roach


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When talking about celebrity stylists, there is one person we can’t forget: Law Roach. Roach, who first made his name when Kanye West walked into his now-closed Deliciously Vintage boutique in Chicago, bringing paparazzi and media attention, is now a famous celebrity stylist that has worked with icons such as Zendaya, Celine Dion, Tiffany Haddish, and Ariana Grande. In fact, Zendaya was Roach’s first major celebrity client. He helped make the actress the international fashion icon she is now. Beyond the professional, the Euphoria actress and Roach are great friends to this day and have been very open about the struggles they’ve faced through the years surrounding the industry’s racism and elitism.

These struggles are what make this partnership so unique. By working with emerging designers and avoiding fashion-house brands, Zendaya has a style that is unique and interesting, always showing her slim figure and her natural beauty.

Margot Robbie and Kate Young


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As for partnerships that faced more downs than ups, Kate Young, another in-demand and influential Hollywood stylist, is the go-to stylist for celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Natalie Portman, Dakota Johnson, and many others. In particular, Young has styled actress Margot Robbie a handful of times. Though Young’s elegance shows in many of her looks, not all collaborations have been in Robbie’s favor.

As seen in blockbuster films such as Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and The Wolf of Wall Street, Robbie is undoubtedly one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood today. With her slim figure, beautiful smile, blond wavy hair, and her piercing blue eyes, any stylist would be lucky to call her a client. However, the recent red carpet looks from Robbie and Young seem too safe, unimaginative, and frumpy at times.

The stylistic shortcomings were most recently noted with Robbie’s 2021 Golden Globe Awards outfit. Though the Spring 2021 Chanel collection had some standout dresses, like the one worn by Andra Day at the same event, Robbie’s dress looked too casual and underwhelming. The silhouette seems outdated and unflattering and the actress does not look like the fashion and beauty icon she could be. The stylist-actress duo is too safe on color and neglects to choose clothes that flatter the star’s shape.

Cynthia Erivo and Jason Bolden


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Harriet actress Cynthia Erivo teamed up with Jason Bolden, who began his career working in retail for luxury brands such as Chloé, Gucci, and Oscar de la Renta before moving to New York City to open his own vintage store, The Garment Room. The duo met when Erivo was shooting the cover of Variety in 2019. Since then, they have been inseparable. The pair typically goes with bold and eccentric outfits that undoubtedly stand out over other red carpet looks. However, they make it work. “The quiet personality and the big clothes is a beautiful balance,” Bolden told Los Angeles Magazine.

Doja Cat and Brett Alan Nelson


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Another stylist-star duo that has been in high-talks surrounds stylist Brett Alan Nelson, who recently styled Doja Cat, Noah Cyrus, and Lizzo for the 2021 Grammy Awards. “I knew when we got offers for Grammys we wanted to go with my friend Fausto Puglisi, who just took over Cavalli,” Nelson said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, “I gave him some keywords and we talked about the idea of future and color and being tough and sexy and he brought this motorcycle future queen to us. When Doja [Cat] saw it, she knew that was the look.”

Though her look did reference the Cavalli Fall/Winter collection from 2003, it received mostly negative reviews from fashionistas. Overall, the references were not clear for the general public, and the look felt too vulgar and confusing for the audience. Though Nelson and the rapper redeemed themselves with a custom Jean Paul Gaultier latex catsuit for her performance, the looks this duo put together are either major hits or major misses.

Kate Hudson and Sophie Lopez


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Does the boho-chic, red carpet glamorous Kate Hudson ever really have a down day? Whether she’s in a Louis Vuitton gown or modeling for athletic-wear brand, Fabletics, it appears the answer is no. The actress can owe some of her most iconic red carpet looks to Sophie Lopez, who she began working with in 2012. The two work very closely together in the styling process, typically gravitating towards the same options, resulting in Hudson’s effortless looks that never fail to impress and a celebrity-stylist match made in heaven.

Kristen Wiig and Karla Welch


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Karla Welch has styled former Saturday Night Live cast member Kristen Wiig for events from the 2021 Golden Globes to her most recent hosting gig on the sketch show. Unfortunately, the duo appears to garner more negative attention than praise for their looks. For the 2021 Golden Globes, Wiig wore a Prada pale seafoam green minidress, layered with two bows. It was underwhelming to critics who called it too “twee” for the actress, others saying it gave “boudoir vibes.”

Gigi Hadid and Mimi Cuttrell


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Gigi Hadid has easily evolved into one of the most influential young models of current times, becoming the start of many fashion trends. Typically going for a simplistic style with funky glasses, Mimi Cuttrell met Hadid through family friends in Santa Barbara. The two have become one of the most iconic celebrity-stylist pairs today. Rather than following the typical trends of the moment, the two forge their own path, playing on vintage, simplicity, and matching sets.

Florence Pugh and Rebecca Corbin-Murray

While Florence Pugh is known for her nonconformist fashion, which reads well most of the time, she has had some misses. In collaboration with Rebecca Corbin-Murray for the 2020 BAFTAs, she wore an overwhelmingly large, frumpy, hot pink cape over a black minidress. It strayed away from what Corbin-Murray usually dresses the actress in – quirky, colorful, early 2000s inspired dresses – and was denounced by one Twitter user as a “fitted sheet.” Others encouraged her to fire her stylist. While the pairing works well more often than not, this look proved to be a major miss.

Regina King and Wayman Bannerman & Micah McDonald


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Regina King can be seen wearing something as simple as a plain white gown and thanks to her stylists knowing exactly how to highlight her curves and figure in nearly every look she wears, she is still considered a fashion icon among the acting community. With the help of stylists Wayman Bannerman and Micah McDonald, she was even named on PEOPLE’s Best Dressed of 2019 list. On red carpets from the Golden Globes to the Met Gala, King can be seen showcasing fitted silhouette dresses, that are both sophisticated yet dazzling. This trio is certainly one to be reckoned with in the fashion industry.

Sarah Hyland and Brad Goreski


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Sarah Hyland is another actress that seems to always be garnering positive attention from fashion critics no matter how simple or how extravagant the look may seem. Brad Goreski, the actresses’ longtime stylist, most recently styled her in a Monique Lhuillier red ballgown for the 2021 Golden Globe Awards. The Modern Family star looked elegant, simple, and still managed to turn heads on the red carpet.



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