Usually when recapping Chanel’s newest collection, a few sentences must be dedicated to the set. Over-the-top, unique, and unthinkable, Chanel’s sets have ranged from supermarkets, to airplanes, to gardens and stopped at a few other daring places in-between. For fall/winter 2016, Chanel surprised us once again, but this time it was for a different reason. A white carpet was laid down, a white backdrop filled the venue, and the chairs were gold, leaving the clothes- and only the clothes – to do the talking.

Karl Lagerfeld created a collection that was seeped in pink, detailed with ruffles, topped off with cheeky, matching hats, and accessorized with pearls. Skirt suits were – as always –  present, with tweed outfitting the whole ensemble, or simple detailing on a pocket or jacket. Frills occurred in the form of bows around necks, lace blouses, and layered dresses. 80s-esque denim came down the runway, bringing casualness to certain ensembles. The favorited Hadid sisters, Bella and Gigi, as well as Kendall Jenner all made appearances wearing a sleek double breasted jacket and skirt suit, a nude quilted jacket, and a pale pink hooded jacket and dress, respectively. A few men even walked the runway, adding diversity to a powerful female cast. For Lagerfeld, it was a diverse collection with one outstanding element that’s making a comeback: the classic Chanel pearls.


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