Collina Strada FW16 Look3

February 13th, designer Hillary Taymour debuted the Fall 2016 collection for Collina Strada during a presentation at MADE at The Standard. The overall feel of the collection can be summed up just by its title; Women are the future but gender is undefinable. Only male models were used in the presentation and were treated like women because they are the future. Their nails were painted an earthy, brown tone and most of them had long hair. “The idea behind casting men for the womenswear collection was to express a genderless future.You don’t have to relate to it is as a girl or boy we can break through the
categories. Your partner doesn’t have to view you as a girl or boy. We are all just bodies and we will wear what we are drawn to,” said Taymour. Androgyny is becoming a huge influence in the fashion world. Neutral colors and silver makeup smudged faces created a world without gender for attendees. Also don’t miss our video interview with the designer from last year.

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