Conde Nast College College of Fashion and Design
Conde Nast College College of Fashion and Design London hub

Two years after Conde Nast’s College of Fashion and Design opened in London, the company will launch a sister school in Shanghai.

In April, the mass media company first announced the launch of the sister school, with a possibility of other sites to come. Although the new institution on the block, The Conde Nast School of Fashion and Design Shanghai will be amongst some big names. The institution will be located on Mid Huaihai Road, home to Hermes and Louis Vuitton.

The London college offers a year-long or ten-week program, accommodating 80 students at a time. Over the past two years, the college has graduated 450 students, which is expected to rise within the next years

An with that success, came the rise of the Shanghai program. The Shanghai location is intended to attract a number of creative and innovative intellectuals and foster their interests in becoming the next big name. Like the London location, students will have access to lectures by some of the prestigious speakers in the industry and hands-on creative training in their discipline.

Shanghai courses will differ from London in that it will also offer a technical creative course in advanced design. In addition, the student body will encompass a smaller demographic. Unlike London’s international student population, Shanghai will will enroll primarily Chinese students. That being so, courses will be offered in Chinese and English.

Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design Shanghai is expected to perform just as well as London in terms of enrollment. Course will commence this fall. After this term begins, it won’t be long until another location is added to Conde Nast’s educational roster.

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