Dolce & Gabbana honored mothers in their Fall/Winter 2015 collection showed at Milan Fashion Week. The collection was meant to “explore how the mother is the heart of the family.” The dresses and sweaters in the collection were embroidered with pictures of the Madonna and Child, as well as the phrase “Mamma.” Prints used were inspired by drawings from designers’ own nieces and nephews. The mother-theme was all encompassing and personal. Red roses were also heavily featured, as Stefano‘s favorite childhood memory of his own mother is the rose scent of the red lipstick she wore.


Models (those without children by their side) wore decadent crystal-and-fur headphones. “Mama” by the Spice Girls played as the looks came down the runway. Backstage, a full nursery was set up. After all, there were 11 mothers onstage with their children, so there were logistics to take into consideration other than set design. Bianca Balti walked pregnant with her second child. All the children in the show wore miniature Dolce outfits.

While mothers are beautiful and graceful, we couldn’t help but feel the collection was slightly restrictive to the modern woman, boxing the feminine in with invocations of the 1950’s housewife. Devoting one’s life to motherhood is as honorable as any career path, yet with plenty of women who wear Dolce & Gabbana with aspirations other than motherhood, the theme felt old-fashioned and restrictive.


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