Known for being a boundary-breaking artist, Ebony Bones has brought punk, pop and soul to new heights with her new album, Behold, A Pale Horse, out August 5th. Influences of the 70s come quickly to mind as songs like “Neu World Blues” directly reference 1979 cult thriller The Warriors and Ebony’s overall edge is reminiscent of early Iggy Pop with the feminine wiles of The Runaways.

In addition to her own avant garde artistry, Ebony has also included a cover of The Smiths’ “What Difference Does It Make” on her sophomore effort. Joining Ebony on the track is the New London Children’s Chior, whose delicate singing, whistling and tambourine stomping propel the song to a place it has never been before.

Having developed a love for music at an early age, Ebony Bones—whose stage name was coined by punk rock icon Rat Scabies, drummer of The Damned— began her musical education in her father’s music stall in Brixton Market with artists like Brian Eno and Quincy Jones and as time went on her influences grew to include everyone from Siouxie Soux and The Slits to Fela Kuti and Public Enemy.

Divided into Parts I and II, her new album Behold, A Pale Horse opens with the album’s striking title track, which features harmonious chants from the Symphony Orchestra of India along with deep, bellowing strings and frenzied percussion. Part I, Born In Flames, continues with “I See I Say,” which sets an air of mystery and intrigue with a foundation of effected vocals playing on a continuous loop throughout. “Mystery Babylon Balloon” buzzes with electric energy, featuring Ebony’s commanding vocals above rich layers of guitars and strings. “While The People S.L.E.E.P.” is a high-energy cut led by quick-paced, melodic verses and a tribal beat.

Part II, When The Battle’s Lost & Won, features the instrumental “Bread & Circus,” with a prominent guitar melody accompanied by handclaps and cowbell, and bonus track “W.A.R.R.I.O.R.,” characterized by a call and response between Ebony’s powerful vocals and a buzzing electric guitar.

Motivated by her desire to “reach her full potential and inspire others to do the same,” Ebony’s music is filled with strength and courage. “In the end,” she believes, “it doesn’t serve the world to play small.”

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