Erik Hassles name may not hold much weight here in the states, but in Sweden the 25-year-old musician is widely recognized as a talent and a former prodigy. That’s because at the age of 20, Hassle was one of the highest-selling musicians in Scandinavia, releasing a number of chart-topping singles and an album that remained on the Swedish music charts for weeks.

Since then, Hassle has been touring the world, moving to London and “falling in love,” according to a recent press release, but he’s back now with a new single titled “Talk About It.” Right off the bat, London’s influence can be heard on it, as the song’s minimalist production, laced with claps and a driving bass line, is reminiscent of the early work of English producers James Blake and Mount Kimbie. But its blatant homage to the UK’s post-dubstep scene shouldn’t retract from its charm, which is built on Hassle’s gentle croak of a voice.

His vocals sound much more at home here than on the overproduced pop of his early work, and his lyrics are harsher and straight from the gut, as he proclaims that his former lover “fucked me up inside.” It makes for an intriguing listen, and perhaps it will help him gain recognition beyond Sweden.


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