ETRO’s newest initiative brings together a group of eleven Milanese artists with a multitude of talents to create their Circle of Poets. The “poets” were asked to share stories revealing how they express their personal creativity.

ETRO THE CIRCLE OF POETS by Nicolò Gialain (30)
ETRO: The Circle of Poets

The initiative, produced by Kean Etro, the creative director of ETRO, references an Italian movement from the 1860s titled scapigliatura. This movement encourages artists of many mediums to conduct their work outside of the lines and beyond the rules of society. Made up of ten males and one female, the poets and their stories will be shared across the brand’s social media for the next eleven weeks. The troop of creatives includes a film director, art dealer, fine art student, designer, tattoo artist, entrepreneur, photographer, musician, architect and two painters, bringing ETRO’s unique artistic foundation into the forefront of the brand.

Nicolò Gialain, one of the poets himself, photographed each creative in black and white. A video on the site, was filmed by Adalberto Lombardo, another member of the group. The remaining nine poets are Alan Borguet, Andrea Zardin, Catherine Leo, Cesare Rimini, Edoardo Tabacchi, Frederico Signorelli, Jacques Leo, Matteo Ciabaltini, and Niccolò Basso. In both the images and the video, the poets are wearing ETRO’s fall 2016 collection. Accompanying the images are short bios revealing the creative process for each poet.

ETRO THE CIRCLE OF POETS by Nicolò Gialain (46)
ETRO: The Circle of Poets

ETRO continues the initiative by questioning the public, “Are you a poet?” and asking men and women from around the world to get involved. Poets, defined by ETRO as creative men and women with passions for painting, sculpture, photography, writing and more, can send in their work through the brand’s website. Some of the artists will be selected for future projects with the Italian brand in upcoming months.

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