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Pat McGrath, world-renowned make-up artist is releasing the third element of her exclusive makeup line. McGrath, who has worked alongside the most notable photographers, editors, and designers in the last 25 years is known for shimmering lids and dewy skin, among other notable looks from specific fashion lines. The makeup artist got her start in the UK, but has since worked all over the world. Starting in fall of 2015, Pat McGrath Labs released it’s very first product: gold eyeshadow, simply titled Gold 001. With only 1000 pieces on sale, the shadow sold out quickly and only to the luckiest ladies and men who could purchase it fast enough.

Pat_McGrath_Phantom_002 + gold 001

McGrath recently put her products to use on the one and only Kim Kardashian West, turning her into a modern-day Cleopatra. The images are the first of a series for VIOLET GREY, in which McGrath will re-create old Hollywood glamour on fresh Hollywood faces. Shot by photographer Ben Hassett, Kardashian West looks stunning in the images which channel not only Cleopatra, but also Elizabeth Taylor, the iconic starlet who played Cleopatra in 1963. In the shoot, Kardashian West wears Gold 001, which debuted at the Prada Spring 2016 show shining on the lips of models.

Kim Kardashian West, Makeup by Pat McGrath, photographed by Ben Hassett
Kim Kardashian West, Makeup by Pat McGrath, photographed by Ben Hassett

Since Gold 001’s release, McGrath followed up with Phantom 002, a collection of four multi-use pigments, black eye gloss, black lines, and brushes. Phantom 002 sold out in just 57 minutes and our prediction is that The Skin Fetish 003 kit will be gone just as quick, if not faster. 003 is the solution to the  dewy skin that everyone wants. Available in two shades, Iridescent Pink and Fine Gold, 003 is a pressed powder complete with a made-in-Japan brush. What exactly does this makeup promise? The flawless skin seen on Valentino’s Fall 2016 runway just a few weeks ago. The Skin Fetish 003 Kit will be available, but exclusively. Just 25,000 kits will be sold first on Pat McGrath’s website on April 26 and second on Sephora’s website on May 10. Only the luckiest will snatch the coveted kits, so from us to you, good luck!

A look from Valentino's Fall 2016 Collection
A look from Valentino’s Fall 2016 Collection
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