Gigi Hadid: top model, Instagram phenomenom, pop-star girlfriend and…boxer? The latest video campaign for Dylan Blue, Versace’s new men’s fragrance stars the bombshell among a host of male models. In a similar fashion to her latest Tommy Hilfiger ads, Gigi is shown as the one that all of the boy’s want but this time around she is also kicking their asses at the gym. The seriously erotic Bruce Weber film is set in a fitness center that exists in a beautiful limbo somewhere between the Jersey Shore and Italy and shows Gigi engaged in all manners of activities with an especially gorgeous group of gym rats. Of the inspiration for the dreamy clip, Weber stated:

“I’ve been watching lots of movies lately where the actors are mixed martial arts fighters. It seems like they are always proving themselves, so that the women characters will fall in love with them. I thought it would be interesting to do some photographs and make a film that dealt with this kind of relationship. Many women I know really respect the sensitivity and vulnerability of men. I wanted to show that men can have these qualities while remaining very strong and disciplined.” -Bruce Weber

From make-out sessions to boxing matches, Mr. Weber truly knows how to highlight Gigi Hadid – the knockout.

Watch the video below.

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