“I think what happened was electronic music exploded in America. So really, our gigs and fans are what saved us. It was such a beautiful and bizarre feeling to meet fans, because when you write for other people, you never have that. Whereas now, we have people coming up to us and saying, “This song changed my life” and “You know, you got me through a breakup” or just really incredible things that we never thought we would experience.”

The story behind the Australian music duo, Miriam (Mim) and Olivia (Liv) NERVO reads like a modern day fairytale, the setting for which occupies the dark corners of an Ibiza night club rather than a queen’s palace. The girls went from working endless hours waiting tables to pay rent, knocking down production studio doors to get gigs as session musicians, to getting cherry picked by the likes of David Guetta and Ke$ha for collaborations (which ended up winning a Grammy) and signing their own cosmetic campaign with Covergirl. From those early days of sharing a room in London and scraping by, the two now jet set around the world, dominating the EDM festival and club circuit, while tirelessly producing music in between. Their good fortune came full circle when EMI records offered them an imprint deal, then decided to scrape it altogether, opting rather to sign the two as their own act. They now perform under their personal moniker and are on the eve of releasing their debut full length album.

The girls were recently spotted front row at a slew of New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week shows, from The Blonds to KTZ and Skingraft, all the while celebrating their birthday and preparing to release their highly anticipated single, “It Feels“, which came out February 24th. They’ll be taking off soon to commence their annual Las Vegas residency at Omnia Nightclub.

Look forward to our full feature including exclusive interview, photo shoot and fashion film with NERVO, coming soon in our #GirlPower issue. In the meantime, enjoy our behind-the-scenes video of the girls on set with Indira Cesarine!

Photography and Video Direction by Indira Cesarine
Fashion Editor: Indira Cesarine
Makeup by Renee Garnes
Hair by Anthony Joseph Hernandez
Video Capture by Marko Sovilj and Max Longo
Video Edit by Kimo Kim

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