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GREG LAUREN – NEW YORK – FALL / WINTER 2016 MEN’S PRESENTATION (View Gallery 13 photos) February 3, 2016 NYC

For Greg Lauren, his garments were about discovering the pain beneath the beauty and his venue reminded viewers that everyone is fighting for something. With a boxing ring being the big attraction and the good looking models fighting within it, an added bonus, Lauren created looks not meant for everyone, but incredibly interesting none-the-less. Shown at Chelsea’s ArtBeam Gallery, most impressive may have been the fabrics themselves, almost all of which were recycled and reused. With patchwork jackets created from vintage cashmere and old military parkas and layered looks made of hand-dyed hemp, the fabrics added a multitude of textures to the tones of grays, blacks, and blues. Drop crotch pants and updated hoodies were main players at the presentation, with model Tyson Beckford, wearing a hoodie turned cape and standing on a podium of his own. Though the classics were prominent, their updates were uniquely Greg Lauren.

Photos by The Untitled Magazine






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