Italian-based luxury brand, Gucci is the latest exemplification against the pursuit of counterfeit goods. The court awarded $144.2 million in damages to Gucci America in a lawsuit averse to a group of online counterfeit sites. These sites were indicted against trademark counterfeiting, and cybersquatting (the use of a domain name that profits from another company’s trademark) on numerous websites using “Gucci” as part of their domain names. In the world of counterfeit chameleons, this is only a diminutive fraction in the fight against forgery.

Last May, Gucci vigorously attempted to protect its brand trademarks against Guess Inc., however lost in court not only their Italian and European trademarks on its “G” logo, “Flora” pattern and diamond pattern, they only received $4.6 million out of the $221 million in which they queried for. A lawsuit, which initiated back in 09’ not only rejected Gucci’s claims of trademark infringement by Guess but left them pessimistic towards the outcome. This recent upshot against several organizations engaged in online imitations not only surrendered 155 domain names to Gucci, it was done definitely within five months this past October 17 since late May.  Gucci chief executive Patrizio di Marco welcoming the ruling warmly, “We are extremely pleased that the court clearly understood the dangers to consumers posed by online counterfeiting organizations and has sent a strong message that counterfeiters can expect to receive severe sanctions when caught.”

The undeserving digital poseurs should have been slandered more as in our daily business-to-business website endeavors, this is only a simple ruffling of the feathers for the counterfeit, substitute industry. These are sharks whom willingly enlist themselves in such commerce. Despite that, a tenacious message has been sent and optimistically speaking let’s hope the usual routine will not ensue.

Gucci filed suit against 100 defendants in the Florida case. Defendants included websites such as http://www.guccisshop.com,http://www.googlesunglasses.com and http://www.hotbrands4u.net, and individual merchants on iOffer, according to The Fashion Law.


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