hilary11Marking the 10-year anniversary since her blockbuster hit A Cinderella Story, and seven years since her last studio album, Dignity, Hilary Duff has a comeback in the works. On July 29th, Hilary will be releasing her new single “Chasing the Sun”, which will be followed by the release of her much anticipated fifth studio album. In addition to her leap back into the music spotlight, the singer will also be re-entering the acting sphere with a role on a new television series called Younger.


Hilary stepped out of the limelight for several years to build a family, and many are skeptical of her career comeback after having been in relative seclusion within the world of motherhood. Although media attention may have come to an abrupt halt for the singer during her years off, she was keeping busy in various other creative endeavors. While raising her son, Hilary penned two New York Times best-selling novels, and assisted in her older sister’s blossoming culinary career. She is the Youth Ambassador for Return To Freedom and was a charter member for Kids With A Cause among several other charities.

As expected when a career hiatus ends in Hollywood, critics are doubting the singer’s ability to produce music that will generate positive feedback from the new generation. Over the last seven years, music has changed in a very big way as has the taste of younger audiences. With artists like Iggy Azalea and Calvin Harris dominating the charts with new sounds, many are skeptical that Hilary will be releasing music that sounds too much like her early 2000’s pop.

Another question that has been raised: can the public handle a well-rounded singer with a genuinely positive image? Hilary is one of the only teen stars of her generation to remain sober and scandal-free. So, jumping into a tank of current-day singers and musicians who make headlines for their drug use and sex scandals could be either great for the singer or could be detrimental to the rebirth of her career.

Despite all of this, Hilary’s 2 million Instagram followers are wildly excited for the release of her new music. Her album, which is slated for release this Fall, will feature collaborations with big name artists such as Colbie Callait (who cowrote the new single “Chasing the Sun”) and Ed Sheeran. Sheeran revealed that her new album would have “an adult, alternative acoustic sound.”

Update (July 29th, 2014)
Hilary’s single “Chasing the Sun” was released today and, unfortunately for enthusiastic fans, it did not live up to the hype. In what some are calling “an auto-tuned mess”, Hilary gives us exactly what we were hoping she wouldn’t: a trip back in time to the early 2000’s. The overdose of flirty pop is walking the line between something that a six-year-old girl would love and something that a twenty-six year old woman should shy away from. Sure, the over-the-top quirkiness of the music video is fun, but we were hoping that Hilary would give us something more mature that caters to her existing audience’s ages. We won’t be holding our breath for the release of her album, but we will hold on to a sliver of hope that the record company simply chose the wrong track to promote as a single.

You can order “Chasing the Sun” here, and check out the music video below:

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