Ivy Levan No Good Album

Undoubtedly, the sound that draws audiences to Ivy Levan is nothing short of bold and booming. From such a petite artist, the Arkansas-native revealed her powerful vocals with the release of her album, No Good on August 20th.

When she was 16, Ivy Levan left Arkansas for Los Angeles in order to launch her singing career. In a new and exciting city, the country girl introduced the world to her soulful and smoky voice. In 2013, she debuted the EP entitled, Introducing a Dame, which featured a combination of R&B and pop tracks. And from there her career only seemed to progress. Her music has even landed major gigs in the entertainment industry. In June, Levan released the single, “Who Can You Trust,” which was featured in the SPY film, starring Melissa McCarthy and Jude Law.

While her newest album, No Good, is a continuation of the bold and brash vocals, she has made it a point to keep one thing somewhat spontaneous and loose: her songwriting process. Going with the flow and working with whatever idea comes about in the moment is only part of the creative process.

While her songwriting process has produced songs that are dear to her personal experiences, Ivy Levan can only hope that her powerful and soulful vocals will connect with others and have a similar impact.

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No Good Tracklisting:
The Dame Says
No Good
Champagne Taste
Like A Glove
27 Club
Best Damn Thing
Killing You
Johnny Boy
It Ain’t Easy

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