24 year-old Parisian pop singer/songwriter Jain has a new music video for “Makeba“. The song is a breath of fresh air as it pays tribute to one of the most revered international singers of all time and offers a twist to ordinary pop-rock songs that dominate the entertainment sector. Titled “Makeba” after the singer and activist Miriam Makeba, the powerful lyrics pay tribute to Makeba’s crucial fight against apartheid in South Africa and breaking racial barriers. Makeba was affectionately nicknamed “Mama Africa” as the first African artist to popularize African music internationally back in the 1960s.

I want to hear your breath just next to my soul,
I want to feel oppress without any rest,
I want to see you sing, I want to see you fight,
cause you are the real beauty of human right

Nobody can beat the mama Africa
You follow the beat that she’s gonna give you
I need a smile you can love
Make it go, the sufferation of a thousand more

-Jain in “Makeba”

“Makeba” shares many rhythmic characteristics with her album, “Zanaka.” The song is a clear demonstration of Jain’s happy, feel-good sound. Playful funky beats that guide the song are matched with tribal drums and loops of Jain chanting. Deep rooted and meaningful choruses are complemented with a video that features a diverse range of dancers from children to the elderly and a strong focus on the contrast between black and white. The colors are shown in opposition and then shown to be interchangeable as white dresses turn black and vice versa.

Jain’s musical repertoire is created on machines so that she is able to operate many sounds at once, giving the effect that many people are working together to create a song, when in reality it is just Jain. Therefore, the special effects used in the video to duplicate Jain throughout the video and create stunning visuals, reflect the machines that make her music possible.

JAIN - The Untitled Magazine - Photography by Indira Cesarine
JAIN – The Untitled Magazine – Photography by Indira Cesarine

For more on Jain and her album “Zanaka make sure you take a look at our exclusive photo shoot and interview with Jain by Indira Cesarine and watch her newest music video below. 

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