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Since the release of his debut album Valotte, Julian Lennon has definitely seen the times change in which artists are able to reach their fans. In 1984, the internet, YouTube, iTunes and social media didn’t exist to promote an album release – back then it was all about getting on the radio, which Julian did, resulting in two US no.1 Mainstream Rock hits along with Top 10 hits from around the world. Today, with all of the advancements in modern technology, Julian, along with many fellow artists, have found a new way to deliver their art to fans. Julian has formed a ground-breaking App which delivers his latest work in an audio, film and visual interactive format.
The Julian Lennon App is available in all formats – Apple, Android, Windows, and Kindle Fire, bringing the user experience to a new level directly connecting Julian with his fans. The App’s centerpiece is Through The Picture Windowa funny, lush and stylish feature-length documentary giving insight into what drives Julian as an artist while shining a spotlight on what it’s really like to be Julian Lennon.The documentary, filmed by award winning film-maker Dick Carruthers, is a feature length, in-depth look at the story behind Julian’s first studio album in more than fifteen years. Everything Changes is a collection of powerful and sophisticated adult pop hits, which includes Someday; the superb collaboration with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, who comments “you can’t hide from a good song… it just blew me away.”
The App is available here and features:

  • Through The Picture Window – the feature length documentary
  • The visual album: Everything Changes in bespoke videos
  • Hidden features and bonus content for those with an inquisitive nature
  • Acoustic versions of all 14 tracks, synched with the videos
  • Live switching between acoustic album versions just by shaking your device
  • A full interview with U2 singer Bono, talking about Julian’s work and their friendship
  • A lean-forward, interactive mode of viewing the film featuring on-screen Butterfly Links
  • Fully interactive menus

– Jessica Natale for The Untitled Magazine

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