The Kissaway Trail

Denmark’s Kissaway Trail release their album Breach via Yep Roc Records. USA tour dates to be announced shortly.

Internal strife and artistic tumult force a group to define their sound, refocus their objectives, and calibrate their dreams. Out of this, one of two things happen: the band breaks up, or they come storming out of the gate, full of a new energy reflected in their work. Happily, the latter is exactly what happened to Danish trio Kissaway Trail, and on their third record, Breach, we hear the remarkable results.

And how. Breach is a statement of sharp-angled, dreamy pop-rock purpose. Whereas the tracks off their first two records had as much whisper as weight, on Breach the group gets right up in your ears to tell the tale of change and transformation. Right from the first lines of the opening track, “Telly the Truth,” you can hear a more confessional, stripped-down sound that reflects the trio’s through-the-tempest experiences of the past three years. Or take, for example, a track like “The Springsteen Implosion,” which combines the chugging atonality of Daydream Nation-era Sonic Youth with the vocal heroics and sonic scope of U2. At the same time, tracks like the haunted “Beauty Still Rebels” show Breach’s spirit of experimentation, with a sensibility as much Bowie as Jesus and Mary Chain. Taken together, the collection shows a band that’s worked through the kinks to find a sound that’s lean yet expansive, massive yet intimate, smart yet visceral.

The record’s release will find the band heading out on the road for an extensive reintroduction to points far and wide of their Danish homeland, to go once more into the Breach and show off their innovative, catchy, and fierce sound.


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