Lacquer Embassy by Nikhil Sharma

Stylist, fashion forecast consultant and designer, Nikhil Sharma is pretty hot stuff at the moment. He recently launched his own menswear label Lacquer Embassy, specialising in shirts and pocket-chiefs. Classic tailoring with a bit of bohemian flare is the order of the day. His designs are influenced heavily by youth and modern culture.

With a wizard like approach, Nikhil creates designs that sit between formal and casual, there’s no sense of pretention or sartorial schizophrenia here. His ideas came from working in the fashion industry as a stylist, where an acute sense of creating the right mood is essential.

The theme of the modern gentleman is weaved throughout his designs. The word gentleman has been redefined by Nikhil, to fit with our contemporary lifestyle, where laid back and unfussy outfits are a necessity, even during the most semi-formal occasions. Because let’s face it, formal and casual have become interchangeable in the modern world.

From classically cut preppy shirts to dandy designs featuring original patterns, every theme is catered for. Nikhil’s pocket-chief collection is the jewel in the crown of Lacquer Embassy. Again, the designs are uncomplicated and reflect Nikhil’s varied cultural influences of youth and modernity, with distinctive geometric shapes and minimalistic patterns, which add the right touch of individuality.

Nikhil’s use of colour isn’t overwhelming; instead he takes a more muted approach, so as not to distract from the tailored cuts and subtle shapes that give his designs that original edge. There’s a definite air of the city to all his designs, whether it be London, Paris, New York, Mumbai, you name it, his international inspirations have made Lacquer Embassy a brand for the metropolitan male.

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