Encountering a couple of Ravers earlier in the Summer, Johnson stopped to ask if he could buy every piece of jewelry they were wearing. They said “no”, but a grand idea was sparked. Johnson’s savvy way with mixing textures, colors, patterns, and emotions has been put into overdrive and shot into stratosphere with this collection. See it and you get Jazzed. Its a guareentee. The fashion chics loved it and Johnson is on to the next collection. Rave on!

Although the world of fashion is often considered fickle, there are those whose talents and vision are substantial enough to exempt them from its whims. Johnson Hartig is one such talent.

Launching his own eponymous collection in 2000, and the founding creative force behind Libertine, Hartig has been a constant presence in the fashion industry for a decade. His formative years spent traveling through several continents as well as his keen and cultivated eyes have led him to create the popularly regaled collection, Libertine. His expression through Libertine led him to great success, revolutionizing the way we think of graphics, deconstruction of the classic, and recycled clothing. Through this, Johnson Hartig paved the way for what has become known as ecologically friendly fashion.

His great creative prowess has led to often unusual and intriguing collaborations with luminaries such as Damien Hirst, Goyard, and an influence in the broader market with a line for Target. With over 50,000 press editorials during his career, industry insiders, editors, celebrities and taste-makers seek out Hartig not only for his witty take on the world of fashion, but for his view and contributions in all areas of art and design.

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