Maxim, original member and vocalist of The Prodigy, has been playing the band’s backstage dressing room party sets for years, now he’s unveiling his DJ and production skills to the world. Teaming up with hard-hitting female MC/vocalist Cianna Blaze, Maxim has curated a brand new EP, “Animal Anger” set to release this October on we Are noize.

Maxim and Cianna have teamed up with Dancing Astronaut to unveil the lead single off Animal Anger, a fierce and fiery anthem titled ‘Wolf’. Laced with Cianna’s empowering vocal ballads about going out on your own into the world and making something of yourself, Wolf’s message is truly synonymous with what Maxim is doing as he embarks on this new DJ project.

It was Maxim’s brother who first introduced him to sound systems and MCing at age 14 in their hometown of Peterborough, England. This would lay the foundation for Maxim’s ultimate career with The Prodigy and now solo DJ endeavors. “This was a natural step for me, taking it from The Prodigy dressing rooms to the stage,” says Maxim on his decision to embark on a solo DJ project. “I did DJ before in 2005 but I didn’t really enjoy it as much as I do now. The difference is what the trap scene has brought out of me; the creative aspect of being able to create music and play it out the next day.”

Fusing elements of electronic, grime, hip-hop, reggae, DnB, and rock, “Animal Anger” is a 4-track EP that isn’t for the faint of heart. With track names like ‘808’, ‘Phase Me’, ‘Lucky Bitch’, and ‘Wolf’, Animal Anger’s bass-heavy anthems punch a 2014-size hole in the speaker and are sure to satisfy your rawest musical cravings.

Throughout the last year Maxim and Cianna have formed a dynamic MC/DJ pair that is unlike anything on stages and playlists today. “I understand the world of being an MC, a frontman, a vocalist, a hype man, and a performer, so it was easy for me to take a step back and bring that out of Cianna,” comments Maxim on his partnership with the hardcore female vocalist.

Standing tall in the male dominated rap music scene with her fire-red hair and edgy style, Cianna is fueled by the underdog spirit of it all and uses this to drive her productions and all-star live performances.

With a successful round of select US performances already under their belts, the duo prepares to unleash their “animal anger” on the states this fall with a series of show dates kicking off at Chicago’s The MID on September 5 and California’s Nocturnal Wonderland on September 6. From there Maxim will head to New York for a promo trip from 9/8- 9/12.

Stay tuned for The Untitled Magazine‘s exclusive interview with Maxim, coming soon!

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