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Designers Carlo Nichi and Vittorio Locatelli from Milan came together to form ONE-T-SHIRT, which is a communication project through fashion that deals with topical issues. The Spring / Summer 2011 collection was inspired by pin-ups and its used and abused perception in the world of media. Seven of the images were made by artist Michael Roberts and ten of the images were developed by photographer Carlos Ninchi. The collection featured men and women’s t-shirts, unisex sweatshirts, men’s trousers, caps, leggings and mini-dresses. Despite the seriousness of concept, the products are fun and upbeat, and seemed geared for a rather young customer.

Fashion week coverage and videos directed by Indira Cesarine for XXXX Magazine

Fashion research assistants: Sandy Chen, Angelina Cepeda, Leslie Gonzalez & Natalie Barnes

Video footage by Barnaby Murtagh, Video edit by Thomas Bergamini for XXXX Magazine

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