PARIS (3:05)
Created by Zaiba Jabbar
Featuring Ashley Smith, Cara Park, Carlie Hague, Dave Baby, Dr. Noki, Ella Dror, Reuben Esser, Franky Mang, Gavin Jones, Isobel Webster, Ivy Sun, Jason Airey, Jenny Runacre, Jessica Broas, Jordan Bowen, Judy Blame, Karlie Shelley, FERAL aka MC Kinky, LIZ, Lyall Hakaraia, Megan Forsdick, Megan Penfold, Nikole Ivanova, Philip Dunn, Princess Julia, Ryan Pickard, Stephane Chesne, Thomasin Davis, Twigs and Zandra Rhodes
Styling by Kim Howells
Cinematography & Editing by Zaiba Jabbar
2nd camera Reuben Esser
Music ‘Sixteen Shades of Black and Blue” by Fujiya & Miyagi

Paris (3:05) created by Zaiba Jabbar features Anne Pigalle, fashion doyenne Zandra Rhodes, style guru Judy Blame and Princess Julia to name a few, in collections by Piers Atkinson. It focuses on capturing intimate moments in time amongst friends, celebrating the visionary ‘creatures of the night’. Featuring music by Fujiya & Miyagi Rhodes, with styling by Kim Howells.



Zaiba Jabbar
Zaiba Jabbar is a self-taught filmmaker living in London. Zaiba studied graphic design at Central Saint Martins but has only one love and that is for moving image. One of two winners of the ASVOFF and Vogue Italia Light Series competitions in Milan for her video for William Richard Green. Zaiba has worked with a number of commercial brands and smaller fashion labels, which include Aquascutum, Mulberry, Levis, Hint Magazine, Spring69, New look, David David, Hermione De Paula, Bordelle, and Charlie Le Mindu. Zaiba’s work is often featured and contributes to Vogue Italia, Vice Style, Fashion 156, Dazed Digital and ID ONLINE.

Ashley Smith

Dr Noki
Dr Noki’s subversive fashion counter-culture believes that customization – the act of altering a garment through cutting, stitching or embellishing it – to be an assault on the homogeneity of mass-produced globalised fashion design, bringing the raw energy of street style to the forefront of 21st century fashion consciousness. Playful rhetoric underpinned by concrete beliefs and morals influence his collections and worldview creating a new and positive critique on the mass global marketplace.

Gavin Jones

Karlie Shelley

Nikole Ivanova

Kim Howells
East London multimedia stylist, finished her fashion textiles degree course at Brighton university and moved straight tp the capitol’s Dazed and Confused magazine as an assistant to Nicola Formichetti.Enjoying life in the fast lane. Howells swiftly asserted herself as a stylist in her own right and now regularly contributes to Dazed, Dazed Japn, Dazed Digital, Vand V MAN.

Fujiya & Miyagi

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