Parson James

Parson James isn’t too shy to call anyone out when it comes to his music. The singer debuted his first single, “Sinners Like You” via RCA Records on July 18th.

After introducing himself to the world by way of the collaborated hit, “Stole the Show” with Kygo in March, the artist gained notable recognition along with 170 million streams of the record and platinum and triple platinum titles worldwide.

Now Parson James is on his own and showing the world more of his soulful voice and heartfelt songwriting. “Sinners Like You” meshes the the soulful, church-oriented vibes of Parson’s voice with the upbeat pop production by Swedish producer, Elof Loelv. Although the single’s title may seem to call out sinners, it does so in a timely and conscious way. It appropriately depicts the story of a boy coming out to his mother, which brings forth questions about his South, Christian upbringing and what it means to sin in the real world.

Currently the soulful singer is Brooklyn-based, but plans to continue working on his debut album and potentially hit the road later this year.

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