Pharrell Williams has released a video for “Come Get It Bae,” the second single off his top-charted album G I R L. Similar to “Happy,” the triple-platinum single that became an international hit with its buoyant refrain and 24-hour music video, “Come Get It Bae” is just as light-hearted, funky, and fun. You can’t listen to it without catching yourself bobbing your head and wanting to tear yourself away from your desk to bust a move. It’s just as contagious as its predecessor, and rightfully so. Williams knows his funk and neo-soul.  It’s evident from his long and remarkable career as a producer, which includes collaborations with Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Kanye WestMadonna, and now, with this music video, Miley Cyrus.

“Come Get It Bae” is supposedly, according to the music video’s introduction, a celebration of women.  The video begins unexpectedly with big bold red words that read, “Beauty has no expiration date,” and showcases a slew of women from all different racial backgrounds, dancing and shimmying with big bright smiles—what seems to be a complete 180 from his controversial collaboration with Robin Thicke on “Blurred Lines.”  ‘Bae,’ a slang word that’s almost as ubiquitous as ‘YOLO’ these days, is a term of endearment, meaning “before anything else.”  The thing is, while these beautiful women are happily dancing, Williams is sitting in what looks like a director’s seat, and watches them from behind a super 8 camera. “None of them boys know the first thing about your fantasy,” he sings. “And if they tried, they can not do it just like me.”  Half-way through the video, Miley makes her appearance in cut-off denim shorts and a white crop-top, bouncing goofily around Williams, and as per usual, sticking her tongue out.

While “Come Get It Bae” will make a wonderful summer 2014 anthem,  its music video is nothing short of what we all know as “the male gaze.”  This wouldn’t be so much of a problem if Williams hadn’t superimposed the introduction, which calls attention to the music video’s intention.  “Beauty has no expiration date” is a great declaration, but it lacks significance if the only women shown in the video are all young and beautiful.

See the video for “Come Get It Bae” below:

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