Philosophy di Lorenzo Serrafini
Philosophy di Lorenzo Serrafini

Lorenzo Serafini at Philosophy‘s fall collection was filled with romanticism in a slightly sultry way, making it both trendy and completely wearable. The ready-to-wear customer, whether Italian or international is impressed by his mix of lace and leather, loose and tailored garments. With an influence from Milan’s fashion boom in the 80s, the collection carried wide-through-the-thigh trousers, high-necked blouses, and flowing dresses. In sheer knits, lovely laces, bright leathers, and unique shearlings, the garments mixed all the right textures, creating a smooth collection with enough feminine flair to satisfy the fashion world. For Serafini, who was previously lead womenswear designer of Dolce and Gabbana, it was a step up from his last collection, bringing a new level of excitement to the Philosophy world.

Philosophy di LS-3

Philosophy di LS-4

Philosophy di LS-6

Philosophy di LS-7

Philosophy di LS-8

Philosophy di LS-2

Philosophy di LS-10

Philosophy di LS-5

Philosophy di LS-9

Philosophy di LS-11


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