rickowens02.5rickowens05.5rickowens09.4Rick Owens presented a softer collection than past seasons at Paris Mens Fashion Week F/W 2011-2012. This line is all “about service, duty, and responsibility,” says Rick Owens. Protective, familial men inspired this collection.

Strong silhouettes with hard angles contrast the more gentle movement of his men’s skirts. Although skirts for men are not mainstream at all, Owens’ versions seem to be a more accessible point of entry into the realm of masculine skirts. With varying hemlines, they evoke images of papal robes and Scottish kilts. The shorter skirts seems to be influenced from the attire of ancient Egyptian men.

Owens still maintained familiar elements such as his well cut angular coats, knitwear, white-lined jackets, and dark zipper boots that uphold the core of Owens’s and Michèle Lamy’s (both his wife and muse) aesthetic.

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