Glenn Frey 1948 – 2016

Glenn Frey, co-founder of famous rock-n-roll band, The Eagles, passed away on January 18, 2016. The guitarist, keyboardist, singer and lyricist, well-known as the voice behind many of the band’s hits, was just 67 years old.

Since the fall Frey had been struggling with a bout of illness comprised of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Acute Ulcerative Colitis, and Pneumonia. The Eagles, who had planned to play at the Kennedy Center Honors on December 9 (broadcast on December 29), postponed their performance due to Frey’s condition, giving insight to the gravity of his health.


The Eagles produced some of the most well-known songs of the seventies, with many of them still bringing folks to their feet for dancing and crooning along. With tunes tinged with country music, yet winding up in the rock category, The Eagles recruited fans from many genres to fall in love with their lyric heavy love-anthems. The band, formed by Frey and Don Henley, who was both a drummer and singer for the group, came to be in 1971. The Eagles skyrocketed to success despite an era that was focused on disco, punk, and pop. The mix of soulful harmonies, ballads of love, and rock-n-roll vibes gave them a dedicated fan base that has held steady through the last 45 years.

Frey, known as a perfectionist by those who watched him work, was a handsome frontman of a band pursuing the ideals of the American dream. Often characterized by his perfected rocker hairdo, Frey was born in Detroit in 1948. His musical relationship started at the age of five with piano and then guitar lessons. Frey played in Detroit for a while, often accompanying Bob Seger with recording early hits. He traveled West to Southern California, where his talent introduced him to Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, and Don Henley.


Henley and Frey, who toured together with Ronstadt’s band, broke off to begin the makes of the group whose future would be filled with success. “Desperado,” “Hotel California,” and “Take It Easy” are just a few of the characterizing tracks created by The Eagle’s. Though the band’s conflicting personalities led to it’s demise in 1980, their nine years together led to a strong fan base and an even stronger list of hits. They regrouped 14 years later to the joy of their dedicated groupies and in 1998, The Eagles joined the ranks at the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame.

Frey embarked on solo projects during the band’s split and released hits including “The Heat is On” during that time. Though Frey is survived by his wife and their three children, as well as the remaining band members of The Eagles, it is the music he created that will truly stand the test of time.

  • Article by Kaylee Denmead for The Untitled Magazine

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