Image courtesy of @ClimateNexus Twitter.

For years, science has floated in a place somewhere above politics but since Trump’s presidential victory, gravity has come crashing down and scientists have become faced with a major threat to well…science. Since winning the election, Trump has severely crippled the Environmental Protection Agency, cut coal regulations, pushed forward the Dakota Access Pipeline and made it easier for similar projects to be fast-tracked for approval. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of the ways that Trump could severely damage the planet. One of his campaign trail promises was to back out of the 2015 climate change agreement, the Paris Accord. If he does so, the move would be a major blow for the Earth and life for generations to come.

In response to all of these issues and in an effort to engage more people in scientific matters, scientists have begun to mobilize. Both the National Park Service and NASA have begun “rogue” social media accounts in order to preserve scientific fact and knowledge and this Saturday April 22nd (also known as Earth Day) scientists and thousands of people will rally for the March For Science. The main march will be held in the capitol but like the Women’s March on Washington, there will be partner events around the globe. So far more than five-hundred different communities plan on holding events and for those who can’t attend or are crowd-shy there will be a livestream of the Washington march which starts at 9AM with a rally.

One organization started the march early by sending a message from a galaxy far, far away. Check out the video below to see how the Autonomous Space Agency Network (ASAN) set up the first ever protest in space and go to the official March for Science website and Facebook page for more information about Saturday’s event.

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