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“We are asymmetrical, incongruent, and completely illogical and emotional,” multi-instrumentalist and singer Spencer Draeger has said of his Brooklyn-grown indie psych band The Midnight Hollow. The group’s pulsing new track “Forward” crackles with that same illogical and emotional excitement. Draeger’s vocals are as anthemic as the chorus to a Doors single, and drummer Andrew Segreti dresses up a heavy bass line with beats that are like complicated little fireworks. At its core, though, “Forward”’s hook is catchy and, well, straight forward. “The chorus is literally two words, ‘straight forward,’ repeated,” Draeger commented. “And I’m kind of playing on the irony…of having to [do] less to be memorable and heard.”

The first Midnight Hollow recordings arose from the sweltering summer of 2012, when Segreti began adding drum tracks over Draeger’s solo material. Since the pair began collaborating, the hypnosis of electronic music has appealed to TMH, whose latest track is their most danceable to date. With its simple hooks and all the immersive power of a bass-driven live performance, “Forward” begs you to come a little unhinged.

The Midnight Hollow will be performing the following dates in NYC:

Black Dots Music Group Official CMJ Showcase, 10/23 @ The Westway

November Residency, 11/18 @ Pianos

Catch The Untitled Mag‘s exclusive premiere of “Forward” right here:

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