Scottish-based arts collective Transgressive North (TN) has teamed up with charity Scottish Love in Action (SLA) for the Everything is New Project, an extended creative dialogue between the artists of TN and the SLA-funded Light of Love Children’s Home in Tuni, India. Deeply moved by the plight and notion of “untouchable” children in India, the artists of TN were inspired to undertake a project that would empower and lift up the children of the Light of Love Children’s home, providing them with a means to ascend from the abject conditions into which they were born. The project would attempt to counter any inherited preconceptions the children might have about their own value and legitimacy by giving them the opportunity to “star” in music and film works specifically designed to celebrate and empower their identities and means of expression.

The Everything is New project embodies the sum of 7 years of work, over several continents, with over 1,000 contributors, all working for free.


The project consists of three parts: Sun Choir, Boats, and Everything is New.

Sun Choir is a full-length LP written for and featuring the children of the Light of Love Children’s Home by Edinburgh based art-pop collective, MARRAM. Recorded over 6 years in 3 different continents, it is the Sagrada Familia of post-rave, orchestral art pop. Each track displays a towering symphonic ambition, featuring the voices of the Light of Love Children’s Choir among 200 instruments, including full orchestras and 1000-voice choirs in collaboration with artists such as Jarvis Cocker, Owen Pallett, doseone, Irvine Welsh, Margaret Bennett and White Hinterland.

Boats is a 29-track compilation album of exclusive songs created by international artists from the voices of the Light of Love Children’s Choir. Each individual act used samples of the Light of Love Children’s Choir, recorded for Marram’s Sun Choir, to create a new song of any length and description. Contributors include Four Tet, Gang Gang Dance, No Age, Dan Deacon, Bear in Heaven, Rustie, Son Lux, YACHT, Califone, Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu), Sun Airway, Taken by Trees, Capybara, Deerhoof, doseone, El Guincho, Keepaway, Lucky Dragons, Julian Lynch, Matthewdavid, Max Tundra, Physical Forms, Ramona Falls, The Ruby Suns, Roxymore, Slanter, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, and White Hinterland.

Everything is New is 70-minute magical feature film starring the children of the Light of Love Children’s Home produced and narrated by Irvine Welsh.

Sun Choir and Boats will be available digitally and as limited-edition CD releases starting January 20, 2014. Everything is New will be included with any hard copy purchase of Sun Choir as well as directly from Transgressive North starting January 20, 2014. Proceeds from the Everything is New project will go to Scottish Love in Action. A smaller percentage of proceeds goes to Transgressive North to help run similar outreach projects in the future.

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