Created by Daniel Arango
Featuring Charles Badu and Daniel Arango

Tribal Dreams (10:40) features artist Daniel Arango, in a self directed video art production also featuring Charles Badu. The juxtaposition of reality and fantasy reveal themselves in the journey of a man’s mind as he escapes in his dreams to an alternative reality, in which the bizarre merges with the ordinary.

Daniel Arango
Daniel Arango currently lives and works in New York City. His training in architecture and interior design has influenced his practice as an artist. This background leads him to think about how different ideas and images can be combined in a decorative logic, in order to affect the way an artwork is read. While structure is foundational to Daniel’s work, images bring an organic flourish and flow to the spaces he depicts. In Daniel’s opinion art is both image consumption and digestion. Historically, pagan priests would divine the future by examining the viscera of animals. As both beast and priest, he consumes and interprets images—of pagan heroes and saints, architecture and ornament, hygiene and icons of sexuality—regurgitating them in the face of the church to reframe an erroneous template of godliness. Unrepentant and free of self-loathing, he erects new altars, both collapsing conformity and celebrating fantastic new spectacles.

Charles Badu

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