In a market full of ethically-dubious fast fashion, brands run by known sexual predators, and tasteless t-shirts, it’s difficult to consume responsibly. To facilitate your search for a chic and socially-conscious wardrobe, we’ve compiled a list of 5 feminist fashion brands offering everything from body-positive lingerie to eco-friendly gowns.

Tropical Rob

Whether with a cartoon-inspired print or fluorescent feather trim, Rob Hurlbut of gender-fluid label Tropical Rob puts a surreal twist on sexuality. Citing inspiration ranging from Dr. Seuss to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Hawaiian shirt from “Romeo and Juliet,” Hurlbut dresses powerful women from nightlife (Queen Sateen and Exquisite), the internet (Baddiewinkle) and his own family (“my grandmother, my mother, and my aunt have all had a strong presence in my life and have inspired my fashion aesthetic a great deal,” he told Paper Magazine).


Boasting a management team over three-quarters female, Reformation makes effortless garments that celebrate the feminine figure, petite to full-size. Founded in 2009 by Yael Aflalo, the brand designs and manufactures most of its limited-edition collections in downtown Los Angeles. Everything in the shop, from underwear to denim to bridesmaids dresses, is made using sustainable fabrics and vintage garments.


New-Zealand-based brand Lonely subverts conventional marketing by eschewing Photoshopped images, celebrating body diversity, and featuring models over 50-years-old. The brand also publishes the Lonely Girls Project, a photo journal of women from all walks of life wearing Lonely products in their own unique way. Lonely aims to maintain transparency in its ethical production process as well as minimize environmental impact with its production methods.


Australian design duo Gibson Fox and Renee Warne are the masterminds behind Daisy, an Instagrammable, erotically-tinged line of slips, blouses, and loungewear. Counting model Bella Hadid, artist Julia Fox and reality favorite Kim Kardashian among its”#daisygirl”‘s, the brand celebrates female sexuality and women who aren’t afraid to wear what they want, when they want.


Founded in 2007 by Erin Magee, MadeMe is a New York-based brand offering sporty separates inspired by women like Kim Gordon and Patti Smith who pioneered counter culture style movements. Offerings range from brightly-colored puffer jackets to patent leather overalls to embroidered wool berets.

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