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With promises of warm weather and relaxed COVID-19 restrictions, people are getting ready to venture out into the world again this spring. The question of what to wear is on almost everyone’s mind. Through TikTok trends and Instagram influencers, Gen Z has taken over as fashion experts for trendy young people. If you are looking to get in on the fun or just find some inspiration for your spring wardrobe, check out this Gen Z guide to spring fashion trends. And don’t forget to check out last week’s article on how to keep up with trends sustainably.



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After a year of lounging around in pajamas, shoppers are opting for comfortable but stylish options such as sweat shorts to wear this spring. Perfect for a casual day, sweat shorts can be paired with more than athleisure pieces. Stars such as Dua Lipa have gotten in on the latest trend. The singer can be seen sporting a monochrome gray look perfect for running errands or spending time with friends. Sweat shorts can be purchased at most clothing stores or made at home by simply cropping an old pair of sweatpants.



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Gen Z took the world by storm earlier this year by “canceling skinny jeans” in favor of looser, wider-legged options. This trend seems to be continuing with jean shorts as the weather gets warmer. Instead of super tight, short shorts, look for longer and looser shorts. You will find these options by searching for “Mom Shorts,” “Dad Shorts,” or “90s Cut Shorts.” This is also another easy up-cycle that you can make at home by cutting an old pair of jeans to your desired length.



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Long sleeves and high necklines will be fashionable and comfortable in the upcoming months with the rise of mesh clothing. These sheer pieces are incredibly breathable, making them perfect for the hottest months of the year. Mesh shirts can be styled for a variety of modesty levels. For more coverage, layer one over a tank top or use it as a bathing suit cover-up. You can also wear a skin tone-colored bra for an illusion of opacity. To make a statement, wear a bra that contrasts the mesh, like blogger Erika Aguilera can be seen wearing.


Expect to see lots of midi length skirts and dresses this spring. These chic pieces are versatile and comfortable. Pair with a t-shirt for an afternoon picnic, a light sweater for Sunday brunch, or even a bathing suit for a day at the beach. The length provides coverage and protection from the sun while still allowing airflow to help you beat the heat. Popular styles to look for are pastel-colored satin, animal prints, and florals.



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Blazers have been in style for a while now and they’re not going away anytime soon. This spring, blazers paired with bralettes, matching sets, and mini dresses are expected to make their rounds. These jackets give your look a cool and sophisticated vibe. Also, leather blazers have most recently taken off and they match with almost everything.



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The classic triangle top bikini is back with a twist. Get more wear out of your basic bikini by wearing it in different ways. Online tutorials can show you different ways to tie your top to create new looks. This trend is easy for anyone to participate in without having to buy something new. It also encourages people to experiment with clothes they already own instead of buying new bathing suits every time they get tired of their old ones.



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The three-piece swimsuit is such a simple but elegant trend. Typically, they come as a normal bikini with a matching sarong or wrap to complete the look. The best part of this trend is its versatility. The wrap can be worn as a skirt, headscarf, bandeau, or whatever you make of it. Let your creativity shine and see what you come up with.



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As Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada famously said, “Florals. For Spring? Groundbreaking.” Though florals seem to come back every spring, they usually have some small changes from year to year. This year, cartoonish flowers are popular in contrast to the realistic flower patterns worn in years past. Patterns using hibiscus flowers and doodle-inspired five-point flowers are trending this year. Pair these patterns with bright colors and you have a super fun and vibrant outfit to celebrate the warm weather.



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Pastels are common for spring, however, this vivid sorbet palette brings an extra level of fun with minty greens, peachy pinks, and even bold colors like berry and TerraCotta. Style them with monochromatic pieces, mix and match, or with neutrals for a super “springy” look. Lavender, soft yellow, and bubblegum pink are some of my favorites this year.



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From suits to sweats, everyone is loving matching sets. Matching sets come in any style, fabric, and pattern – the only requirement is that the top and bottom match perfectly. Whether you are a big personality or a wallflower, there is a matching set for everyone.


Layering is a beloved trend usually reserved for colder weather. One way people are showing their love for layers in warm weather is with bra tops. Exactly as the name suggests, these tops are either bras, bralettes, or very cropped shirts. Paired with an oversized button-up or blazer, these tops ensure that your figure doesn’t get lost in the layers.

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