Amalia Ulman
(Off)icielle Contemporary Art Fair
Stand B17
October 22nd-26th 2014

For (OFF)ICIELLE, ltd Los Angeles announces the debut of Amalia Ulman’s new body of work, comprised of a series of tapestries, large digital prints and notice boards reflecting her continued interest in the conflation of artwork and monetary value. Appropriating material from old sexual education posters, found Russian postcards, and medication leaflets, Ulman analyzes the pharmacopornografic aspect of today’s capitalism.

Ulman’s understanding of contemporary lifestyles results from her constant visual absorption of objects, trends, and aesthetics, rather than her direct engagement of conversation with others, which she finds most difficult. For her, commodities and their arrangements define humans. This new series of work crosses the aspirational consumption of the internet age and the pre-internet’s romanticization of success through taste and commodities. By working at the intersection of these processes, Ulman’s work questions how these networks of consumption and digital information create contemporary subjects and sensibilities.

Amalia Ulman is an Argentinean-born, Spanish-raised artist based between the cities of Los Angeles and Gijon. She is a self-described feminist and transatlantic expat. Ulman has exhibited internationally.

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