Taupe, experimental textiles, and twisted menswear classics were among the capsule silhouettes designer Asher Levine created exclusively for Goldsmith’s new “Chelsea Men” Mannequin line.  Goldsmith is one of the world’s premiere luxury mannequin lines who supply visual displays to stores from Nordstrom to Dior, to H&M. This is the second year Levine has collaborated with Goldsmith.

Live models donning the Asher Levine Collection and a candlelit, good-energy atmosphere, welcomed guests last Thursday night at the annual launch party. The Capsule celebrated the design of the mannequins through sheer textiles and cutouts.

“I embraced the Chelsea Man himself – he’s classic meets contemporary in the day, and then goes to the Eagle at night.” Levine infused classic silhouettes with his signature distressed contemporary approach to menswear. He even invented a houndstooth textile in polyurethane and combined it with bondage linen buckles and straps representing iconic menswear forms like lapels, ties, and chaps.

Asher Levine is a New York-based designer who has a mainline menswear collection and a bespoke business for A-list performers and celebrities. He recently launched ALStudio, a B2B service where he and his studio creative direct, design, fabricate for film and consumer brands looking for innovative costumes and props for promotion campaigns and events.

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