Pop-up shops have been springing up for a while now, but it takes the fashion world’s reigning queen of cool to take it to the next level. Beach in the East is a collaboration between Paper Mâché Tiger and Yasmin Sewell, and is a construction of the ultimate pool party in their London showroom. In Shoreditch they created an abandoned pool in a warehouse.

In place of water, rails of designer jeans from Frederick Maxwell, T-shirts by Cecile and Thomas Tait printed tops fringe a table of killer accessories; including Yasmin’s favourite, Reece Hudson’s ‘Bowery’ clutch, which she describes as, ‘Friggin’, fuckin’ awesome’. The clutch is a large black leather square featuring a floral patterned revolver. It is awesome.

Other accessories include hair clips by Hillier, leather espadrilles from Prism and lots and lots of sunglasses. Oh, and the reworked unisex denim jackets by Joe Duke are casual excellence.

Friends, family and industry gathered to celebrate the concept shop and Champagne flowed alongside the full flavour range of Vita Coco waters. We were also served psychedelic brownies, which apparently were clear of anything actually psychedelic. Promise. The name hails from the swirly colourful frosting made from a mix of spirulina, turmeric, beetroot, açaí and blueberry.

The vibe at Beach in the East is completely relaxed with ace music and a fair splash of graffiti. In all, it’s a great place to tap into ‘70s California and Yasmin’s renowned seasons-ahead editing skills.

For those who can’t make it to 123 Clifton Street, Beach in the East has teamed up with online independent boutique hub Farfetch, where an even larger selection of luxe goods is available to the global shopper.



Twitter: @beachintheeast #bite2013

By Courtney Blackman for The Untitled Magazine

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