PFW-FW12-H-Bernhard_Willhelm-_Jodie_Talbot-41PFW-FW12-H-Bernhard_Willhelm-_Jodie_Talbot-4PFW-FW12-H-Bernhard_Willhelm-_Jodie_Talbot-18BERNHARD WILLHELM – PARIS F/W 2012 FASHION SHOW

Never expect the ordinary with Bernhard Willhelm. Paint splattered chaos presented in front of the most phallic fruit there is, his Fall/Winter collection jumps from plaids to bold graphic prints to big-stitched, exaggerated knits. Irreverent and taking names, Bernhard Willhelm injects a rough sexiness into blue collar jumpsuits, into the man of the streets. Nip slits and fringe, boas and the word “Transit” printed across many pieces bring together an underlying transit worker/tribal theme that speaks confidently of a world much wiser than your own.
Willhelm’s fashion philosophy is more or less that anything can be fashion, any idea can be toyed with. For this collection there is a fantasy element in public uniforms becoming erotica. Now notice the footwear. Trainers meet combat boots. Trainers meet Africa on acid. Bernhard Willhelm, you have entranced us — give me men in baby pink tiger printed jackets forever, please.

PFW-FW12-H-Bernhard_Willhelm-_Jodie_Talbot-3PFW-FW12-H-Bernhard_Willhelm-_Jodie_Talbot-8PFW-FW12-H-Bernhard_Willhelm-_Jodie_Talbot-17BERNHARD WILLHELM – PARIS F/W 2012 BACKSTAGE

For beauty, each model had slight variation of blue, black, or nude lips,  at times complemented by an electric orange or blue encircled eye. Paint splatters covered many of the models’ bodies and faces. Beard extensions give the models a grungy, yogi look.

Article by Amy Tabarly

Photography by Jodie Talbot for XXXX Magazine, “The Untitled Magazine”

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