Ellen Page & Michael Cera in ‘Juno.’

“I’m calling to procure a hasty abortion.” -Ellen Page in ‘Juno’

When Juno came out in 2007 it was one of the first films to capture the millennial zeitgeist and to treat the subject of teen pregnancy with a frankness and humor that opened an important discussion for audiences across America. Fast forward ten years and the movie’s earnest characters and snappy quips of “Honest to blog!” seem almost quaint in the face of today’s contentious cultural landscape. However, the film’s core remains as relevant as ever as it captured the incredibly hard decision faced by women unprepared to be parents, their partners, reproductive rights, and the societal implications of motherhood.

In the movie, Ellen Page plays sixteen-year-old Juno who becomes pregnant with her good friend (played by the eternally awkward, Michael Cera). She subsequently decides to get an abortion but after visiting a clinic, decides to bring her baby to term and give it up for adoption to Vanessa Loring (Jennifer Garner). Due to the film’s outcome, Juno was applauded by anti-abortion activists who saw it as promoting a pro-life message, despite denials from director, Jason Reitman and the fact that Juno writer, Diablo Cody, has gone on the record as being a pro-choice feminist.

Well, the debate is finally over and those anti-abortion Juno fans are not going to be happy with the latest news surrounding the film. Reitman recently announced that the tenth anniversary of Juno will be celebrated with a live, on-stage reenactment and all proceeds will go to reproductive health organization, Planned Parenthood. The event will occur on April 8th at Ace Theater in LA. Garner and Page will reprise their roles but the original male members of the cast will be replaced by women. There will also be Juno-themed original artwork and signed memorabilia for sale.

Of the decision to plan the live reading and to benefit Planned Parenthood, Reitman stated:

“If there was any confusion about whether Juno was pro-choice or pro-life, this should settle that. Juno had a choice, and that was the most important part.” -Jason Reitman

Get tickets for the live reenactment here.

-Jasmine Williams for The Untitled Magazine

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