There are two things one does not expect to see at a Chanel Couture show: wood shavings and wearable phone cases. However, where Kaiser Karl goes, the fashion world follows. And mark our words; these unexpected elements may just become de rigueur in the future.

The iconic designer talked about recycling and the importance of reusing materials such as paper and wood before the show. His fresh commitment to ethical fashion was represented in the mosaic-inspired wooden tiles and beads which were woven into garments. Models also walked down the eco-inspired runway of the Grand Palais in cork platform shoes. Chanel confirmed to fashion critic Vanessa Friedman that all the wood used in the show’s display would be recycled and composted after the show.


Other reoccurring nature-inspired elements were the honey bees, birds, and flowers, which were embroidered in fine gold thread into several dresses and suits.

Lagerfeld’s favored silhouette, the round shouldered skirt suit, still formed the basis of the collection. The fashion industry’s girls du jour including Edie Campbell, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Abbey Lee Kershaw traipsed down the runway in variations of the houses’s staple colored in navy and neutrals.

Chanel edie campbell

As for the phone cases slung around the models’ lithe hips, expect to see plenty of these on street style stars and fashion bloggers as soon as they land in boutiques.


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