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The fall/winter 2016 Christian Dior collection was anxiously and curiously awaited. With the departure of Raf Simons and the lack of a new creative director put into place, design was left up to a studio team headed by Lucie Meier and Serge Ruffieux. The two had big shoes to fill and a lot of talk to diminish. How would this collection match up without the direction of a “real” designer behind it?

The answer: pretty well. The collection was young and fresh, with updated knits, a vintage feel, and perfectly punchy dresses. Necklines varied with some falling off the shoulder, others sweeping into a v, and a few raising up into a turtleneck-like silhouette. Coats were incredibly tailored, fitting the models perfectly and complimenting the many cocktail length dresses that made their way down the runway. The collection had a lot of black, offset by a few pieces of statement white, seen on a skirt suit, a jacket, and a dress. Much of the collection flounced as the models walked in pointed Mary Janes and with their hair slicked back. It may not have been a Raf Simons collection, but it was still surely a success.

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DIOR FallWinter2016

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