Coachella is already sold out of passes, but for those of you lucky enough to snag a ticket, there’s a lot to look forward to. And for those who aren’t going, well…too bad. But there’s always next year, and in the meantime, you can live vicariously by looking back through photos of Coachella outfits from the past. This big-name festival showcases the current greatest music artists, many alternative something, but of all different genres, as well as several art installations, and it draws a notoriously free-spirited, hippie-chic crowd. Some facts: venue gates open 11am each year, it’s rain or shine, and dates are April 10-12, and April 17-19. See a full lists of questions and facts on their website. Along with great music and art, it likes to promote sustainability, especially initiatives that will benefit the local Coachella Valley and Indio, California area.

Some of Coachella’s Efforts in Sustainability:

Poltar the Great – A fortune-telling polar bear will tell you all about life, love, and the environment. “Are you trading in your Escalade for an electric car? Will you find romance in camping? Will you ever see a glacier in your lifetime?” If these are the questions you want to ask, Poltar knows.

Carpoolchella – If you carpool with four or more in a vehicle to Coachella, and then put a creative sign that says “Carpoolchella” in your dash, you might win prizes from VIP Tickets for life, all access passes, wristband upgrades, photo passes, and more.

Trashed: Art of Recycling – To make recycling more beautiful, Coachella is selecting 35 artists to redesign a recycling bin into a work of art. It will be an installation you can dump trash into!

Recycling Store – Global Inheritance started the Trashed Recycling Store program almost 11 years ago, and today, you can still take bottles, cans, and cups that you find on Coachella grounds to the recycling store in exchange for Coachella tees, refillable bottles, posters, and more! Plastic is your currency, and I’m not talking about credit cards.

Energy Playground – Seesaws that charge up your phone while you bounce up and down!

Recyclosaurus Rex – If you haven’t put your empty water bottle in a redesigned bin or exchanged it for Coachella swag at the Recycling Store, you can feed it to a giant rusty trash smasher named Recyclosaurus Rex.

Signage 2015 – Coachella says, “In our ongoing effort to be more thoughtful, we switched up all of our Site Map and Set Times to wooden signs. This concept was provided to us from Prints on Wood. With over 100 solar panels on the roof of POW, this is one of the most efficient wood printing solutions available. These dudes also plant one tree for every order placed.” Good job guys!

Check out the 2015 lineup below:


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