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Lincoln Center is currently hosting its third annual “Summer for the City” festival until August 10th. “Summer for the City” hosts a plethora of programming and events that aim to celebrate a wide variety of cultures. On June 12, Lincoln Center’s campus completely transformed into a relaxing oasis where the community could gather, wander about, participate in performances and enjoy the food from the Lincoln Center Night Market. 

This year’s theme for the event is “Life, Liberty, and Happiness” which aims to highlight how active participation in the arts helps strengthen civic bonds and community. Throughout the summer, audiences are invited to become creatives and participate as songwriters, storytellers, poets, or dancers. Here are some of the events that are taking place in this year’s “Summer for the City.” 

Passing The Crown: Celebrating the Queens of Hip-Hop

The heart of the hip-hop sound comes from its Queens. On July 7th, Lincoln Center will host an electrifying homage to the women who shaped the culture. From Queen Latifah to Missy Elliott, experience the unstoppable force of female MCs, DJs, dancers and orchestras. Don’t miss your chance to experience this one-in-a-lifetime celebration!


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City of Floating Sounds

For the opening performance of the Festival at Lincoln Center, the North American premiere of Huang Ruo’s City of Floating Sounds. It will be accompanied by Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony from July 23rd to 24th. Immerse yourself in rich themes of nature all while being entrenched in hypnotic motifs and accompanied by a powerful orchestra. 

Civic Saturdays

From June 29th to August 3rd, Lincoln Center will host many events catered towards uniting friends and strangers in the spirit of shared community. Civic Saturdays aim to give a voice to songs and readings that speak to life, liberty, and happiness. From early U.S. history to the modern day, join in a fight to unite our community by engaging in artistic practices and experiences. 

NYC in C

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Terry Riley’s In C, Lincoln Center is hosting a performance of one of the most groundbreaking pieces of music from the 20th century. In C is an open-ended work that incorporates 53 short melodies that must be repeated around 7 times. Get ready for a performance you will never forget. 

Silent Disco

Have a blast at Lincoln Center’s signature Silent Discos! All summer long, get ready for some of the hottest DJs spinning the best remixes through Bluetooth headphones. Some of the upcoming DJs are Gia Fu, mdnghtdiningclub, and DJ Raat Ki Rani. Come join your friends for a party that will last all night. 

The Outdoor Film Series

Film at Lincoln Center is expanding out of the theater to host various free outdoor movies. Enjoy a selection perfectly curated by FLC on Thursdays and Fridays in June and July. Some upcoming screenings are RRR on July 11th and Dick on July 25th. 


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