From May 27 – 31, 2015, Reed Exhibitons will bring FIAC, one of the world’s leading international art fairs, from Paris to Los Angeles. A convergence of FIAC’s forty year history of dynamic growth and the city’s rise as a cultural capital, under the stewardship of Director Jill Silverman van Coenegrachts, FIAC LA will establish a new paradigm for the international art fair. Set against the backdrop of one of America’s fastest growing neighborhoods, FIAC LA will bring a program of modern masters, contemporary art, architecture and design to Downtown’s Los Angeles Convention CenterFIAC was founded forty years ago as a fair for gallerists by gallerists, with an aim to present a curated vision of contemporary art to a wider public.  Over the years Reed Exhibitions, has invented, explored and expanded the fair. during the last decade, fiac has  become one of the three most important art fairs in the world. In 2013, FIAC welcomed more than 75,000 visitors and over 100 international museum groups to the Grand Palais.FIAC offers a world renowned visitors program, providing unparalleled VIP access to a wealth of museums and private collections. In addition, the fair transcends its walls to bring monumental art into the most iconic and historical public spaces throughout Paris. FIAC, by its nature, is both expansive and inclusive. this ethos will continue to guide its vision as it debuts in Los Angeles. Collaborating with local institutions, universities, and artists organizationS, FIAC LA aims to be not only a celebration of the artwork it presents, but the city itself. An American fair with European parents, FIAC LA’s goal is to become a central part of the cultural life of Los Angeles,  a city with two easts—and a different way of looking.
FIAC has a long tradition of being a showcase for Modern Masterworks, and it is our view that this provides an important historical base and stylistic counterpoint to the work of living artists of all generations today. It also allows a new public to develop an eye for works of art that are usually seen only in public collections, and having the opportunity to attract the major Modern galleries to Los Angeles is an important part of the FIAC LA vision.CONTEMPORARY and NEW TENDENCIES
FIAC has been an integral part of the enormous growth in the contemporary art market recent decades, and this commitment to showing the most serious and radical works by living artists will continue in FIAC LA. We will present galleries from around the world whose perspective is shaped by working with the best artists of our time, of all generations. We will also shape this section in a unique way that highlights the curatorial vision of the gallery owners themselves, and their commitment to working with artists throughout their careers.  It is the work of a fair like FIAC LA to nurture and support galleries at every stage of their creative lives, as it is the galleries to do the same for its artists. With this in mind, we will of course include a selection of young galleries who are just beginning their professional careers.SPACE FOR ART: ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN
architects the world over, more than ever before, are making spaces of all kinds for art, designing and building museums in all corners of the globe, creating innovative spaces for foundations and private collections, designing scenography for museum exhibitions. FIAC LA would like to create a part of the fair where these players can exhibit their works, models, drawings, photographs of these projects, realized and not, as we feel it is an integral part of the FIAC LA role to bring the people who are creating the art market into contact with those who are designing the actual spaces and objects that fill them.

Art works do not live in a vacuum, and it is important these visionary designers and architects who reconsider and redefine the built environment for art, come face to face with the audience of institutions, artists, gallerists and private collectors all of whom need  Space for Art.

There is a long standing tradition of great print making in  Los Angeles and with this as an inspiration we would like to have a dedicated part of the fair that presents great print gallerists, and those specializing in works on paper. We strongly believe that these are far from afterthoughts in an artists career, but rather an important and diverse expression of an rich area of artistic production that has deep roots in the Los Angeles cultural matrix. It is also a way of encouraging collectors in a different area, like photography, where the hand and eye of the artists are presented on paper in a variety of medium.

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