The hit series The Boys is in the process of releasing their 4th season on Amazon Prime Video. The show is based on the comic series created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. The Boys follows an unlikely group of vigilantes as they fight against individuals with superpowers known as “supes” who abuse their power and work under a company named Vought that ensures the public views them as heroes. 

The series began with Hugh Campbell (Jack Quaid) suffering after his long-term girlfriend was killed by the superhero A-Train. This leads him to meet Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), who recruits him to join “The Boys” and expose the wrongdoings of Vought.

Meanwhile, Annie January (Erin Moriarty) joins the popular superhero league “The Seven” as her hero persona Starlight. After witnessing atrocities committed by her fellow teammates, she is left to face the truth about the team she grew up admiring.


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After an intense season three, season four of The Boys kicks right off into full drive with even more tension and action. The first few episodes pack a punch and hit even harder on issues of American politics. 

The politics of The Boys have never been subtle. The series is brash in its allegory for the modern political landscape of America. What the series lacks in subtlety makes up in realism… if you ignore the superpowers. It brings up discussions on corrupt corporations, weapons of mass destruction and the Alt-Right. 

While The Boys is heavy-handed with satire, especially in seasons three and four, the series is one of the best examples of modern-day political commentary. The Storefront rallies of season 2 and season 3 are akin to rising white nationalist and neo-nazi rallies happening across the United States. The reduction of Queen Maeve’s sexuality in the eyes of Vought to create marketable Pride Month products was especially poignant in June. Homelander’s trial and verdict further draw parallels between “America’s favorite hero” to Donald Trump. 


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The Boys’ full commitment to satirical allegory and storytelling is powerful. While it lends well to rich storytelling and action, it makes a larger impact as a criticism of the political machine found in the United States. Creating such a radicalized work of political commentary under the guise of a superhero show is ingenious. It allows viewers, especially American viewers, to be left to examine their contribution to the machine. 

The main and supporting cast all get their moment to shine, but the standout performances from this season so far are from Anthony Starr and Karl Urban. Starr has the near-impossible task of playing a cunning, manipulative sociopath, while Urban’s Butcher is full of grief, rage, and revenge. Both knock it out of the park. The production design, visual FX, and fight choreography are excellent, especially considering this is a streaming exclusive. 

The first three episodes of season four “Department of Dirty Tracks,” “Life Among the Septics” and “We’ll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here” were released on June 13th. Now, one episode is being released every Thursday until the season finale comes out on July 8th. 

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