Check out the video for A La Disposition’s new fragrance {intangible}.

À LA DISPOSITION has launched its first unisex fragrance {intangible}, a single bottle with 2 separate scents. Both fragrances share the same base and middle notes of soft golden amber and sleek smokey sandalwood with hints of velvety white musk. The difference lies with the top notes; one scent offering a hint of Sicilian lemon whilst the other stays true to the bohemian with a touch of musk. “After close collaboration with perfumers to find just the right combination of scents, it was time to develop our signature bottle. We wanted the design to reflect the concept of the fragrances; different aspects of the personality coming together. Working with ceramic artisans we were able to develop a sculptured bottle that is just as intriguing as the fragrances inside. The name {intangible} describes the idea of fragrance. The word is intrinsically linked with scent and conjures up a certain mystique, which is what we wanted to create with both the dual scents and the bottle design.” {intangible} is a defining scent that is instantly recognizable, a one of a kind scent where the consumer is able to purchase 3 fragrances in 1 bottle thanks to its dual express design. The preference can be altered dependant on the levels of each scent used, offering each customer a truly unique perfume and a beautifully collectable bottle.


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